Char Dham Yatra 2023 Dates Announced

Char Dham Yatra 2023 Dates Announced

A spiritual journey to Char Dham is a blessing for Hindu devotees. The journey helps in providing self-discovery and spiritual satisfaction to the pilgrims. Every Hindu aspires to go on this journey at least once in their lifetime. If you are one of the devotees who want to visit these divine sites, then it is best to get an e-pass. For this, check the Guide for Getting Char Dham Yatra E-Pass.

Places to Visit in Char Dham Yatra:

Char Dham is also known as ‘Teerth Yatra”. Many Hindu devotees visit these sites annually to find peace. One of the four Dhams is Yamunotri (dedicated to the goddess Yamuna). Another one is Gangotri (dedicated to the goddess Ganga). Third is Badrinath (dedicated to Lord Vishnu and the last one is Kedarnath (dedicated to Lord Shiva).

Details about the Char Dham Yatra Opening and Closing Dates 2023:

Char Dham Yatra is a sacred and one of Hinduism’s most important pilgrimages. This yatra is organized for only six months each year. It starts in the months of April and May. For a better understanding of the opening and closing dates of all these four sites, go through the below-mentioned points:

Opening Dates of Char Dham Yatra 2023

The Char Dham temple committee announces the opening and closing dates of these four holy sites. This committee is the Kedar-Badri Mandir Samiti. According to Hindu tradition, the Char Dham Yatra should be done in a clockwise direction. You have to start from Yamunotri. Then go to Gangotri, Kedarnath, and then Badrinath. Below are the opening and closing dates for these shrines in 2023. You must make your Char Dham helicopter booking accordingly.

Gangotri Temple Opening Date 2023

The Yatra for Gangotri Dham began on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. This was on April 22, 2023.

Yamunotri Temple Opening Date 2023

Just like Gangotri Dham, the Yatra for Yamunotri Dham also started on Akshaya Tritiya on April 22, 2023.

Kedarnath Temple Opening Date 2023

Kedarnath Temple Yatra began on April 25, 2023, marking the sacred festival of Akshaya Tritiya. During this time the idol of Lord Kedar was shifted from Ukhimath to the main temple.

Badrinath Temple Opening Date 2023

Badrinath, the holy abode of Lord Vishnu, opened its doors during the holy occasion of Akshaya Tritiya. This was approximately 4:30 a.m. on April 27, 2023.

Closing Dates of Char Dham Yatra 2023

The temple committee also decides the closing dates of the holy Char Dham. The tentative closing date for Char Dham in 2023 is November 21, 2023. It will be decided on the holy occasion of Vijay Dashmi or Dussehra. You must book your 2 dham yatra package by helicopter as per these dates.

Gangotri Temple Closing Date in 2023

The Gangotri Dham Kapat is closed for Darshan during the auspicious occasion of Diwali, which is expected to occur on November 12, 2023.

Yamunotri Temple Closing Date in 2023

The Yamunotri Dham is closed on the holy occasion of Diwali or Bhai Dooj, which is projected to fall on November 12, 2023.

Kedarnath Temple Closing Date in 2023

Kedarnath temple concludes its Yatra for the winter season on November 14, 2023, coinciding with Bhai Dooj.

Badrinath Temple Closing Date in 2023

The closing ceremony for Badrinath Dham is expected to take place around November 21, 2023. There might be changes in these dates so we have to wait and see what the Samiti has to say.

Important Guidelines for Tourists for the Char Dham Yatra:

If you plan to book the 2 Dham Yatra package by helicopter, here are some simple rules you need to follow:

Optimal Time for Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter:

The best time to go on the Char Dham Yatra via helicopter is during the months of May to June You can also choose to travel via airways from September to November. During these periods, the weather remains clear and stable. This ensures smoother flights. However, it is advisable to regularly monitor the weather forecast for your travel days. This is because conditions can change unexpectedly.

Brief Itinerary:

Your Char Dham Yatra by helicopter starts in Dehradun. Upon arrival at the airport/ railway station/ bus stop, you will be greeted and escorted to the hotel for dinner and breakfast. In the evening, a tour briefing will be conducted by the staff of the company. You will receive duffel bags to carry all your belongings.

Day 01: Departing from Dehradun, you will make your way to Yamunotri Dham. Here, you will visit the temple and explore nearby attractions such as the hot springs and Shani Temple.

Day 02: The journey continues as you head to Gangotri Dham. You can get the opportunity to visit the temple. During the trip, you can visit the Harsil village, and see its apple orchards and other captivating sights.

Day 03: On the third day, you proceed to Kedarnath Dham. You will take a shuttle flight to the temple, and do the darshan. You can also pay a visit to the famous Triyuginarayan Temple of Kedarnath Dham.

Day 04: Your pilgrimage ends at Badrinath Dham. You will pay your respects at the temple and explore Tapt Kund which is a natural hot spring.

Day 05: On the fifth day, you will be safely transported back to Dehradun with the hope that you have enjoyed your journey.


Now you have a proper idea about the opening and closing dates of Char Dham. So, make your Char Dham helicopter booking accordingly. You can make the booking through Megamax Aviation.  From the support staff of the company, you can get to know about the best Char Dham Yatra packages.

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