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      Special Package

      Ek Dham Yatra by Helicopter – Kedarnath

      Explore The Mystical Kedarnath With Our Ek Dham Yatra By Helicopter

      Keen to visit the holy town of Lord Shiva which is in the laps of beautiful Himalayas? The snow-capped peaks and tranquility of the Ek Dham Kedarnath are calling you? Then it is time to pack your bags and get ready to explore one of the most important pilgrimage towns right away at Ek Dham Yatra Kedarnath.

      Many Shades Of This Beautiful Place Will Mesmerize You:

      This Ek Dham trip is filled with excitement and the tourist can visit numerous interesting places. The main purpose of this visit is to go to the renowned Kedarnath Jyotirlinga temple. The serenity and beauty of this place will give you peace of mind that you can never find in the bustling city life.

      There are many other places of tourist interest in the holy town of Kedarnath. This includes the sunset point, Anusaya Devi temple, and the Shankaracharya Samadhi which is located behind the Kedarnath temple.

      Transportation Woes Bothering You?

      There must be so many of you who must be keen to go to this religious place but there must be one aspect that might be holding you back. We are sure you are wondering what are the transportation options of this Ek Dham tour package?

      There might be some of you who may have the feeling that traveling to this holy place can be a tedious thing. In the case of family vacations when you have elderly people and kids. One does not want any hectic traveling. Comfort is what matters the most in trips that are meant to be enjoyed with loved ones.

      But let these thoughts not jeopardize your plans of visiting one of the most exciting and amazing places of Uttarakhand. Some options can make your travel comfortable and you can have one of the most memorable times in Kedarnath with your loved ones.

      Want To Know How You Can Travel To Kedarnath Comfortably?

      Your spiritual trip can be one of the best vacations if you choose Megamax Aviation’s Ek Dham tour by helicopter.  When you opt for our tour package by helicopter you can rest assured that you will get the best service and you can travel with all the luxury.

      Take A Look At Some Of The Important Features Of This Helicopter Tour:

      All that you have to do is decide the number of passengers. Give the details to our tour organizers and leave the rest of the preparations to us. We will make sure that you get to explore all the exciting places of Kedarnath like the temples, mountains, etc. in this package.

      So, all set to kickstart your spiritual vacation in Ek Dham Yatra- Kedarnath with your loved ones? Now, all that you have to do is get in touch with our travel organizers at the earliest so that your Ek Dham trip can be organized right away!

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