Top 10 Travel Tips For Airways: Commercial Flights

Top 10 Travel Tips For Airways: Commercial Flights

In today’s piece of content, we will be taking a look at the best travel tips for your next commercial flight. Most of these Travel tips do apply mainly to commercial flights. However, feel free to even use some of them at the time of availing one of the best aircraft rent services like Megamax Aviation.

Travel Tips To Make The Most Out Of Airways:

1) Reach Airport in Advance

It doesn’t matter which mode you are going with, whether international or domestic, just ascertain that you reach the airport a little in advance. There could be long queues waiting for you, so you don’t want to risk missing out on your flight, as it could even be a special trip to Char Dham Yatra 2021.

2) Check-in

To participate in a flight, the passenger must first check in with the airline, which serves as a confirmation of their participation in the trip. Your boarding pass is guaranteed, and you may be able to choose between a window and an aisle seat on occasion.

If you want to check-in for a flight, you can do it up to 48 hours before it departs, and there are numerous ways to do so:

3) Save Space

It doesn’t matter how many days, weeks, or months of trip you are going on, the idea of saving some space in your luggage could come in handy any time of the day. There’s this one popular travel tips or hack where you can roll clothes, instead of folding them, to save an ample amount of space. Some people also refer to it as the clothes-roll technique.

Another hack: In advance, enquire from your hotel if they have a dryer or washer. If yes, then you could take some dryer sheets and detergent power packs along with you so that you could manage your trip in some clothes only.

4) Take it Private!

If you can afford a private charter helicopter or aircraft service, then there is nothing better than that! Companies like Megamax Aviation is one of the best aircraft rental services providers that you can opt for to board a charter service from pretty much anywhere in the world! It’s a one-of-a-kind experience where you get to skip all the hassles of the commercial side!

5) Rear Side!

If you want to avail the best or special services from the flight attendants, always sit in the rear part of the plane! Usually, the planes are in a shortage of resources like extra earplugs, water bottles, pillows, etc. So, somebody requesting something of the same from the front end of the plane will potentially lead to the exposure of it to other members of the aircraft too. That’s why a request from the rear side has higher chances of easily being fulfilled.

6) Choosing a Plane Seat

To avoid being crowded by so many other passengers, choose a seat at the end of the plane, which is typically empty when the flights are not fully booked. In some cases, you may be able to reserve two or three seats just for yourself.

For those looking for a little extra space to stretch their legs, the seats near the emergency exit are a great choice. There is normally a slight separation between these rows and the rest of the rows. The window seat is perfect for resting and relaxing, and it is especially recommended for first-time flyers who want to sleep and relax. Choose an aisle seat if you suffer from vertigo and know that you will need to stand up to stretch your legs at some point during the flight.

7) Own Food!

Flights are reducing the amount of food and drinks they provide passengers, therefore always keep a supply of food on hand at all times. For a light snack, you may opt for a bagel with cream cheese and a couple of crackers.

It works well since it fills you up rapidly. If you get a meal on the plane, it saves you the trouble of buying meals on the flight if they don’t provide it, and also, we can’t ignore the fact that the quantity of food that they provide on the planes is enough to get anyone pissed off.

8) If possible, volunteer!

The vast majority of flights are oversold, and you may get to see the airline asking for volunteers to board a later aircraft at some point. If you have the flexibility to take a later flight, or even a trip the following day, agreeing to trade up your seat might be an excellent method to prolong your vacation by one day, without any additional costs to you. In exchange for having your seat, they will compensate you with a flight voucher. If the next available flight is the following day, they will provide you with a hotel voucher, proper meal, and if luck is on your side, you may even get to upgrade to first class for free!

9) Customs!

The airline experts of the best aircraft rental services have to say that attaining “Global Entry” would be the ultimate way to deal with the hassles of custom clearance! Let’s see the extent of Global Entry:
Upon arrival in the United States, visitors who have been pre-approved and are considered low-risk can benefit from the Global Entry Program of Customs and Border Protection (CBP). In some airports, automatic kiosks allow members to check-in and out of the country.

Upon arrival at an airport, participants proceed to the Global Entry kiosks, where they exhibit their U.S. permanent residence card or machine-readable passport. It proceeds ahead by putting the fingerprints on a scanner for fingerprint verification and gets done away with a customs declaration form. The kiosk provides the visitor with a transaction receipt and leads the travel to the baggage claim area and out of the airport terminal building.

10) Know Your Surroundings!

Last, but certainly not the least, would be to get around with your surroundings! We mean, there’s no harm in knowing a thing or two about the people sitting next to you. If the seatmates are comfortable interacting with you, and you also feel that they match your vibes, then you could have a great time on the aircraft. If in case, they are not comfortable with your spoken language or English, you may also try some translator apps.


That’s pretty much all of the best travel tips that you should keep in mind when traveling via airways next time. There’s no necessity to follow every step. However, certain tips like arriving early at the airport, taking one of the best aircraft rental services for events like Char Dham Yatra 2021, and so on, is definitely not a bad choice.

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