Are you planning to visit the enchanting Ek Dham- Gangotri?

Are you planning to visit the enchanting Ek Dham- Gangotri?

One of the most remarkable and beautiful places of Uttarakhand in India is Gangotri. Every year several tourists visit the Gangotri temple. Many also make it a point to visit the Gangotri glacier.

Traveling to Gangotri is one of the most important aspects. For many traveling by road might not be feasible. But that does not mean that you cannot visit this pristine location. You have the option of visiting Gangotri Dham by Helicopter.

Check some of the places to visit in Gangotri:

The important place to visit in Gangotri is the Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Ganga. Besides the temple, there are other places that you can visit. These are the Surya Kund, Kedar tal, Gomukh, etc. So, there are plenty of places that you can visit in Gangotri. Plan your visit in such a way that you can cover all the important locations of Gangotri.

Why helicopter option is better than road travel for Gangotri?

Time matters:

Many of you may be delaying your visit to Gangotri due to time constraints. It might be possible to just spare a day or two for the visit. By road, this is not going to be possible. But with a helicopter, you can complete your Gangotri visit in a short time. The time factor is one of the biggest benefits of the Gangotri yatra by helicopter.

Safety aspect always needs to be kept in mind:

Road travel to Gangotri is a bit risky. In monsoon months there is also a fear of landslides. Now you do not want to take such risks. From the safety point of view also you must choose helicopter travel. Why take a roller coaster ride by road when you have a helicopter option?

Elders and kids can also be a part of the trip:

There must be elders in the family who must be keen to visit Gangotri. Also, you might want to take your kids for the yatra. But the road journey can be very taxing for them. It might not be possible to take them along on a Gangotri road trip.

But when you choose the helicopter option then all members of the family can be part of the trip. Not just Gangotri but you can take elders and kids for Char Dham yatra by helicopter 2023.

The helicopter experience:

A helicopter ride is one of its kind experience. You cannot get this experience in road travel. The exotic view from the chopper cannot be explained in words. If you want to have this kind of exciting experience then choose the helicopter option.

Comfortable journey:

You like to travel in luxury and are not willing to compromise with comfort. This helicopter ride is the best option for you. In a helicopter, you get to travel comfortably. For luxurious travel, you have to do the Gangotri yatra by helicopter.

Not a hectic journey:

Traveling to Gangotri by helicopter is not going to be a tedious trip. As compared to road travel not much fatigue is generated. Therefore, choosing a helicopter trip is always a better option as compared to road travel.

Remember some important things about the Gangotri trip:

Proper clothing is very important:

Gangotri is at a location that is bound to be very cold. So, make sure that you are wearing woollies. Proper thermal wear is very important.

Do not be anxious:

The first helicopter ride is going to make you anxious. But there is no need for any such fears. The helicopter ride is going to be a joyous one. You shall enjoy and cherish the time that you spend in the helicopter.

Check about the sightseeing spots covered:

It is also important you check about the locations that are covered in the package. Ask which tourist spots are covered in the package.

Well maintained chopper is a must:

You must choose a reliable aviation company. The company must have well-maintained helicopters. This is very essential as safety is of utmost importance.

Experienced pilot:

Flying to remote places and in rough weather can be done by expert pilots. Therefore it is important that the pilot is well-trained and has years of experience. He must have the expertise to fly the helicopter in rough terrain & hills.

Now how to choose the right aviation company?

For the Do Dham by Helicopter, you have to choose the best aviation company. This is a crucial factor if you want your Gangotri trip to be a good one. While choosing an aviation company there are some aspects that you have to remember.

Always choose a reliable aviation company. For this check the reviews that the company has received. Choose a company that has years of experience in arranging Char Dham yatra.

The fleet of helicopters that the company has are also an important factor. The helicopter has to be well-maintained. Ideally, no technical snag must occur in the chopper during the yatra.

Check the experience of the pilot and the crew members of the aviation company. The best aviation companies always ensure that they have the best pilots. All of their crew members are well-trained.

Megamax Aviation-The right choice for Gangotri Yatra:

One of the renowned companies for the Char Dham yatra by helicopter is Megamax Aviation. They are known for arranging the best Ek Dham, Do Dham, and Char Dham yatras. The helicopter feet, the pilot, and the services provided by the company are class apart. Just go through the packages that they have. Choose one that suits your schedule. Fly off into the sky and get an experience that you shall cherish for life.

Gangotri is a mesmerizing place and also has religious significance. You must take your loved ones to this amazing destination. But Gangotri’s trip by road can be hectic. Therefore always choose an easy option. That is the chopper’s journey to this devout location.

For having one of the best Gangotri yatras choose Megamax Aviation. With their years of experience, this company can surely make your yatra wonderful.

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