Best Wise And Technically Sound Tips that Pilots Must Follow

Best Wise And Technically Sound Tips that Pilots Must Follow

We all will agree that flying in the air is a skill. Pilots have to be technically sound as well as smart to ensure that they fly safely. Because the safety of crew members and passengers depends on the pilot. That’s the reason why taking technically sound tips is important.

Being a pilot is an amazing profession but it is one where one requires a high degree of precision and discipline. If you want to be one of the best pilots then you have to ensure that you know the importance of safety measures while flying.

Here Are Some Pilot Wisdom And Technically Sound Tips That Every Pilot Must Know:

Pilots undergo training and they also upgrade their skills on regular basis. But when they are flying the aircraft there are some guidelines that they need to keep in their mind.

Maintaining Control When Crash Seems Inevitable:

The best pilots will face situations where they might feel that the end is near. It could be a technical snag when the aircraft is in the air or unexpected adverse weather conditions. The Best Helicopter charter company in India will always hire pilots who can deliver the best when the situation is worst. In conditions when it looks like the plane is going to crash the pilot needs to choose the best possible option and try to maintain control of the aircraft as much as possible.

The Skill Of Landing On The Centerline:

While landing every pilot wants to ensure that he lands on the centerline. But there are times when one may miss this target. In such cases, the best pilot will keep this fact in mind that he missed the target and will analyze the reasons due to which he missed the centre point. The best pilot will keep the target in mind and will make sure that he lands perfectly not just next time but every time.

The Importance Of Checklist before Take Off:

Just before the pilot sets off on his Do Dham yatra by helicopter or on any other mission he must check if the basic things are in place. This will include aspects like flight controls, fuel, fire equipment, etc. This is because pilots have to switch between aircraft and helicopters that have different complexities. This checklist before take-off will help the pilot to avoid any confusion at a later stage,

Relevant Traffic Is Somewhere Between The Three Fingers:

Most of the pilots look too low for traffic or they may look too high for relevant traffic. But this is not the correct way to look for traffic at a distance. You have to follow the three-finger rule to get a better idea about the traffic that may be there at a d

Pilots Have To Check If He Is Focused Enough To Take The Flight:

If these things happen then it is better to terminate the flight because this three-strike rule indicates that you are not focused enough and you should take little rest.

The Water Bottle Technique To Check If You Will Clear the Clouds:

If you are not sure if at the current altitude the clouds are above or below the path of your flight then you must use the water bottle technique.

Smart pilots of the Best Helicopter charter company in India follow this simple but smart technique to check if the pilot will be able to clear the clouds.

If the Task Load Is High Then Get Your Priorities Right:

You are getting ready to fly the helicopter and there are many things that you have to do during this Do Dham yatra by helicopter then you have to get your priorities right.

Cool Mind, Sharp Reflexes and Intelligent Thinking Can Surely Help:

To be successful in this skilful profession the pilot has to learn to remain cool in adverse conditions. At the same time, he needs to have a never say die attitude. Also, during adverse he must have the knack to think smartly and react quickly

It Is All About How Safely You Fly:

For being the best pilot of the Best Helicopter charter company in India the pilot has to fly safely and take all the precautions to avoid emergency situations. Only reading the safety manual is not going to be enough. The best pilot has to learn to take safety measures seriously when he is flying in the air. He should follow technically sound tips as well.

Improving Skills Is Very Important:

You may have got the best pilot training and today you might be one of the top-notch pilots but even then you have to ensure that you upgrade your skills on a regular basis. You have to undergo training on a regular basis. You have to keep practising and you have to keep analyzing that in difficult and emergency situations what measures you will take. If one wants to be an ace pilot then he has to get proper training and he needs to be skilful enough to manage the aircraft in the best possible way


These pilot tips are not rocket science and can be followed by the pilot easily. The technically sound tips that pilots must follow are checking if the pilot is flying with a focused mind by following the three strike rule, checking the traffic with the three-finger rule, etc. In tough conditions, the pilot has to try and keep control of the aircraft as much as possible.

Besides these tips, the pilot needs to upgrade his skills regularly and must keep practising. Only theoretical knowledge of safety precautions is not enough. The pilot has to follow these precautions when he is actually flying the aircraft.

Megamax Aviation which is a reputed and reliable name in the aviation industry knows the importance of hiring pilots who are skilful and who fly safely. The best pilot will always fly safely as he knows the responsibility of the life of all the people on board is in his hands.

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