Don’t miss out on the enchanting Ek Dham- Badrinath by helicopter

Don’t miss out on the enchanting Ek Dham- Badrinath by helicopter

Do you want to visit a place that is serene and pious? Do you want to go to a place that takes you close to Lord Vishnu? Then it is time to visit the holy place Badrinath. The abode of Lord Vishnu is simply mesmerizing.

Wondering how you can go to this devout place? Road travel can be very tedious. Do you want to visit this place without many hassles? Then it is time to choose Badrinath Ek Dham by Helicopter.

Must visit places in the holy place of Badrinath:

One of the major attractions of Badrinath is the temple of Lord Vishnu. It is said that the Badrinath temple was built by Adi Shankaracharya in the 9th century AD.

Besides this temple, there are some other places in Badrinath that you must visit. The thermal spring Tapt Kund is said to have curative properties. Do have a dip in this holy kund when in Badrinath.

You also have to visit Brahma Kapal which is located on the banks of Alaknanda. This is where you get to see the impressions of Sheshnag. The Charan Paduka is said to have the footprints of Lord Vishnu.

Mata Murti temple and triangular lake Satopanth are also must-visit places. The enthralling natural beauty of Badrinath shall leave you spellbound.

Badrinath yatra and overall the Char Dham yatra is simply amazing. So, when are you booking your Char Dham yatra by helicopter?

Why plan your Badrinath yatra by helicopter?

The ease of travel:

Are you thinking of going to Badrinath by road? Then you have to be ready for a topsy-turvy ride. Yes, the place is accessible by road. But the driving is tough and not all that safe. The place is also known for landslides.

You surely do not want to take such risks. So, it is better to choose the option of a helicopter. A helicopter ride is safe and you can travel without any hassles.

Save time with a helicopter ride:

In the case of road travel, you have to be prepared to give more days. But you surely do not have that much time to spare. You want to complete the ek dham yatra in a single day. This is not possible in the case of road travel.

But in the case of a helicopter, you can complete the ek dham Badrinath yatra in a single day. So, this is a time-saving way of visiting Badrinath.

No compromises with comfort:

You make no compromises with comfort. But in the case of road travel do you think you can get that comfort? It is just not possible to travel comfortably by road.

But when you choose helicopter travel you can travel comfortably. So, if comfort matters to you then choose the option of a helicopter.

Luxury at its best:

The luxury that you experience in helicopter travel is unbeatable. Road travel is nowhere close to the luxury that you enjoy in a helicopter. So, all those luxury-loving people choose the option of helicopter travel to Badrinath.

No fatigue while traveling by helicopter:

Traveling to Badrinath by road can generate so much fatigue. But a helicopter journey is surely not as tiring as a road journey. In the case of helicopter travel the exhaustion level is not very high.

All members of the family can visit Badrinath:

Your family consists of elderly people and kids. Do you think road travel is feasible for them? Surely not! If you want to take your entire family then choose only Badrinath Dham by Helicopter.

The view from the helicopter:

Do you want to check out the mesmerizing view from a height? Then you have to choose the Badrinath journey by helicopter. The view from the top is going to be a memorable experience for you.

Important tips for Badrinath yatra by helicopter:

Wear woolen clothes:

Badrinath is located in Uttarakhand and it is bound to be very cold. So, make sure that you wear proper clothes. Adequate woolen clothes are important in Badrinath.

Avoid too much baggage:

There can be baggage restrictions in a helicopter. Also, you are going to complete the Ek dham yatra in a day. So, do not overload yourself with unnecessary baggage.

Don’t get anxious:

Traveling by helicopter first time? You might be having some apprehensions! But there is nothing to be worried about. Rest assured you are going to enjoy your helicopter ride.

Is sightseeing covered in the package?

Besides the Badrinath temple, there are other places of tourist interest. Check if the sightseeing spots are covered in your package.

Have you chosen the right aviation company?

Whether it is Ek dham or Do Dham Yatra by Helicopter 2023 choice of aviation company is crucial. Always choose a reputed company that offers the best services. You need to check the rates of the packages. Also, check what all facilities are covered in the package.

The pilot has to be the best:

The pilot plays an important role in your helicopter yatra. The pilot must have experience flying in hilly terrains. He must be able to manage adverse conditions like rough weather with ease. Besides the pilot, the other crew members also have to be experienced.

Yes, the choice of aviation company is very important:

Your helicopter yatra depends in a big way on the aviation company. Therefore make no compromises when choosing an aviation company. You have to opt for a company that offers quality services. The company must have well-maintained helicopters and the best crew members.

One company that is known for its quality Char Dham yatra packages is Megamax Aviation. Every year this company organizes the Char Dham yatra by helicopter. So, if you are keen to visit Badrinath by helicopter then connect with Megamax Aviation right away.

Your trip to Badrinath can be an easy one only if you choose the helicopter option. It is a comfortable and also a time-saving option. But for this, you always have to choose only the best aviation company.

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