Explore The Pristine Ek Dham- Kedarnath By Helicopter

Explore The Pristine Ek Dham- Kedarnath By Helicopter

Which is that one place that is pious, pure and beautiful? That one amazing location that you have to visit at least once in your life? Yes, Kedarnath yatra is a place that you just cannot miss out on visiting.

Is it because of the road travel that you have not been to Kedarnath? Then there is a piece of good news for you. You can now go to Kedarnath Dham by Helicopter. There are leading aviation companies that have Char Dham and Do Dham yatra by choppers.

Reasons that make Kedarnath a must-visit place:

Kedarnath in Uttarakhand is located in the serene Himalayas. This is sacred place is famous for the Lord Shiva temple. This place is known for its natural serene beauty. The snow-capped peaks and the eye-catching landscapes are amazing.

Besides the Kedarnath temple, there are other places that one can visit. The Bhairavnath temple and the glacial lake Chorabari are some of the places that one must visit.

If you love vibrance and silence then Kedarnath is a must-visit place for you.  Choose Char Dham yatra by helicopter 2023 to travel comfortably to Kedarnath.

Why is road travel to Kedarnath a tough aspect?

If you choose the option of road travel then you are choosing a risky path. You have to park your vehicles at Sonaprayag. From here you have to take cabs that drop you at Gauri Kund. Then it is time to trek to reach Kedarnath. This is tough and not everyone’s cup of tea. One can hire a pony but still, it is going to be tough reaching Kedarnath.

By the time you reach the temple, you are completely exhausted. You surely do not want to face this situation. But then how do you reach Kedarnath easily? The answer is simple! Just choose Kedarnath yatra by helicopter.

What are the merits of choosing the Kedarnath yatra by helicopter?

Complete the yatra in less time:

No time to spare for a vacation! But at the same time want to visit Kedarnath. Then helicopter yatra is the best option. The Kedarnath yatra by helicopter can be completed in a single day. So, you save a lot of time when you choose the option of a helicopter.

Less fatigue:

You want to enjoy your visit to Kedarnath. But this is not possible if you are exhausted. So, visit Kedarnath by helicopter. This way not much fatigue is generated. You can then enjoy your visit in the best possible way.

No compromises with comfort:

You like to lead a comfortable life. Now for the Kedarnath yatra, you do not have to sacrifice your comfort. Travel by helicopter to this devout location and make no compromise with comfort.

Luxury and style:

Do Dham by Helicopter is a luxurious way of traveling. You surely want to travel in style. Then choose the helicopter mode of traveling.

The best option for all family members:

The elders or physically challenged members of your family cannot travel by road. But you surely want to take them to Kedarnath. All your family members can be a part of this pious journey if you choose the helicopter mode of travel.

An amazing experience:

Traveling by helicopter is a unique experience. The breathtaking views are unforgettable. This journey by helicopter you shall remember for life. This is not something that you can get in road travel.

Tips for Kedarnath visit by helicopter:

Do you have plans to visit Kedarnath by helicopter? Then there are some important tips!

Proper clothing:

This place is in the lap of the Himalayas. Protect yourself from the harsh cold by wearing the right thermal gear.

Get rid of anxieties:

This is your first helicopter trip and so you are anxious. But there is no need to be worried. A helicopter ride is a safe way of traveling to your destination. Be super excited as this is going to be a memorable experience.

Baggage restrictions:

You might not be allowed to carry a lot of baggage. Check with the aviation company about the baggage restrictions.

Choice of aviation company:

Many aviation companies are offering Char Dham yatra by helicopter 2023. But you have to choose one that provides quality services. Compare the perks and facilities offered by different companies.  Also, compare the rates of the yatra by helicopter. Choose an aviation company offering quality services at the best rates.

Sightseeing spots covered:

Check with the travel company about the tourist spots that are covered. Along with Kedarnath temple, you can visit the other nearby attractions.

Experience of the pilot:

The helicopter ride is going to be through rough terrains. At times there can be bad weather. Therefore, the pilot must be well-trained. He must have experience in maneuvering the chopper in rough terrain and adverse weather.

Have you selected the right aviation company?

Your Kedarnath yatra experience by chopper depends on the service quality of the aviation company. You just cannot make the mistake of choosing an unrecognized company. The aviation company must have experience in arranging the Kedarnath yatra. The helicopter used for these trips has to be in the best condition. Also, the pilot deployed for the helicopter ride has to be experienced.

Your Kedarnath trip experience is dependent on the aviation company. So, you cannot make any mistakes while choosing the helicopter service provider. There are so many companies offering these services. You might be confused and not sure which one to choose.

But we can make things easy for you. All that you need to do is get in touch with Megamax Aviation. This is a leading aviation company in India. They have Ek Dham, Do Dham and Char Dham yatra packages. Megamax Aviation is known for its outstanding helicopter service.

All set to start your virtuous Kedarnath yatra? But do not want to make compromises with comfort? Then it is time to connect with Megamax Aviation. Choose the option of the Kedarnath yatra by helicopter. Set out on a truly enchanting journey.

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