Future of Aviation Industry Looks Certain Even in 2021!

Future of Aviation Industry Looks Certain Even in 2021!

In this piece of content, we will be taking a look at the future of the aviation industry. In between, we will also be shedding light on the impact of the post-Covid-19 pandemic, or what we would expect it to be. That being said, let’s begin now!

Points Discussing on Future of Aviation Industry:

New Airlines May Emerge

It was predicted that the passenger traffic in the United Kingdom would fall by 75%. In such a circumstance, it would be weird to think of new airlines to begin operations in 2021. Though, entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have expressed a great deal of interest in the future of aviation industry.

First and foremost, the overall costs of operating an airline has decreased significantly. A second point to mention is that airplane manufacturers (including Boeing and Airbus) are supplying planes at a discount. Lastly, the entrepreneurs have access to a large pool of experienced aviation personnel that has been furloughed or laid off since the pandemic first began to spread.

As a result, a large number of new airline start-ups are expected to emerge in 2021. If you are a job seeker in the aviation industry, this is more welcome news. It will be worthwhile for anyone looking for new career prospects to keep an eye on the progress of these aviation start-ups. Some of them are flyPOP, Play, and Flyr, to name a few. By the way, recently Megamax Aviation has also risen to provide Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter service.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel is on the rise!

SAFs are manufactured from environmentally friendly feedstock. It’s said that they emit significantly less carbon dioxide when compared to fossil-type jet fuel sources. In addition, they are part of a longer-term strategy to decrease the environmental impact of air travel in general or as a whole.

The aviation and energy industries, with fewer planes in the air, have changed their focus to ensuring continuity, as well as long-term sustainability; in particular, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

It appears that as a result of the recent corporate movement toward the development of SAFS, significant progress is being made in their manufacture and utilization. The role of SAFs in the future of the industry has been a topic of discussion for several years. It appears that the SAF’s future in aviation has been secured as a result of the recent occurrences.

Pandemic Brought Changes

The Covid-19 pandemic has shaken the world and has brought about changes that none of us thought would ever exist until some years back. When it comes to the airline industry, passengers are being a lot more cautious in their traveling approach. If you thought we were just talking about masks and hand sanitizing, then you are probably wrong, as it goes a lot more than that.

It has been noticed that people traveling on airlines are now even cautious about mobs and long queues. It’s the fear that’s making people take such steps, and this same is expected to continue long after the pandemic also. Seeing all of this, the airline sector has started to implement online check-ins and self-check-ins for those who aren’t comfortable with the traditional approaches.

We feel this is a great step, as it will not only cater to the needs of insecure travelers but will also make the whole preliminary process a hit faster and more convenient for everyone. Though, the question of security and safety also arises in such a case. It looks like now only time will tell how the airline sector and airports will manage such a situation.

Aviation Hasn’t Forgotten Comfort!

Over the next few decades, it is possible that the fundamental essence of how we travel by plane may change significantly. To increase capacity while maintaining passenger comfort, companies are increasingly looking to the future for more space-efficient methods of boosting capacity.

Various companies are working on different kinds of designer seats. For instance, there’s one company that’s focusing on folding seats, which could easily move across the cargo and shrink or expand, as per the comfort and requirements. Again, as we said earlier only time will tell, which design dominates the mainstream market. Though, for now, we are at least certain on the part, that there’s going to be a great change in terms of seat or comfort.

Gender Neutrality

Lots of airline companies have started to properly incorporate gender equality policies on practical levels. Confused? Well, in the aviation industry, no matter what gender or background you are from, you are welcome to work, till the point you fulfill the criteria or match the qualifications. However, a lot of policies on gender equality were just limited to the papers, but thankfully, as time is changing, the airline companies have started to largely apply these policies into action. So, no matter what gender you are from, there’s going to be a lot more scope and opportunities for everyone in the industry.

Large Distance Trends Changes!

The events of 2020 could emerge to have a long-lasting impact on commercial aviation, particularly in terms of the aircraft used on long-range flights. Several airlines have moved away from older four-engine aircraft, including the Boeing 737 and Airbus A380. All this happened due to the continuing coronavirus pandemic which led passenger traffic to decline.

Airbus, on the other hand, has made tremendous strides forward with its projected A321XLR. If the experts are to be believed, then this aircraft has the potential to bring about a revolution. It is possible that such mile-away narrow bodies may become increasingly popular in the future decades. To accommodate such procedures, Airbus has even shown the design of a unique cabin. The fact that this commitment has been made shows that the long-haul narrowbody industry will flourish by the year 2050.


In light of recent technological breakthroughs, pilotless planes may soon become a reality as machines grow increasingly intelligent. A combination of hybrid RPA and artificial intelligence (AI) may make it possible for an aircraft to complete a journey without the need for human involvement. In the case, you don’t know during the middle of the journeys while in the air, the planes are on auto-pilot mode only. It’s only at the time of taking takeoff and landing of private jets, commercial planes, etc. that the manual approach is needed.

With the uncertainties and risks associated with flying, it is exceedingly improbable that a flight will ever take off without a manual pilot on board in the future. Experts still believe that no matter how advanced machines become, they are still not a matter of trust at the time of emergencies, and during such instances, human control is needed to land a flight safely. If the advancements and time allow, you never know you could even completely Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter on automation. But, yeah, even in the near future, all of this still seems far from the ray of possibility.

In-flight connectivity

Following the introduction of free Wi-Fi services at airports, airlines are also beginning to offer the service within the aircraft cabin. This simply means that you won’t need to get away from connectivity even while being in the air! For instance, Delta Airlines has made the effort to provide Wi-Fi on all of its domestic and international flights and private jets to make it convenient and enjoyable for its customers.

Wrap Up:

The future of the aviation industry looks prosperous! No matter whether Covid-19 or whatever it is, nothing can stop the aviation industry as it’s the need of the hour and situation. Once the pandemic is over, feel free to head back to trips like Char Dham Yatra by Helicopter to not only enjoy, but even contribute your part to the revival of the aviation industry. 

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