Get 24*7 Customer Support assured for your Do Dham Yatra & VIP Darshan

Get 24*7 Customer Support assured for your Do Dham Yatra & VIP Darshan

India is a place where holy and sacred places are widely explored by devotees from across the globe. Every year pilgrimage tourism in India witnesses millions worth of revenue generation. It has become one of the best opportunities for travel and aviation companies to provide top-notch services like Do/ Char Dham yatra with 24*7 customer support assured, private charter jet services on rental, etc.

Travel aviation companies prioritize providing the best travel experience to customers and travel enthusiasts. It additionally impacts their brand awareness because of the wide customer base that this industry holds. 

Nonetheless, customers need to know the best travel aviation company providing top-notch services with a seamless experience. The blog covers complete details of major factors that customers must take care of before renting out a private charter helicopter for your Do/ Char Dham Yatra. 

Cost Structure

It is one of the most important factors to be taken care of before finalizing the travel partner. The cost structure for your next Char Dham yatra by helicopter depends on multiple factors, including the company’s travel package, per-passenger cost, etc. Therefore, consult with the shortlisted companies about the cost structure to ensure no conflicts at the time of the trip. 

Technical Expertise

Another important factor t to analyze is the technical expertise of the skilled workforce/ professionals of a travel aviation company. It is important for expertise to examine the technicalities of a private charter helicopter and jets. Customers expect a seamless pilgrimage trip whose memory is expected to last a lifelong. Thus, to ensure no technical issues in the charters occur at the time of the trip. 

VIP Darshans

The 2 Dham yatra package by helicopter travel not only consists of renting out private charters but also luxurious facilities like VIP Darshans. The holy and sacred places hold special places in the hearts of devotees. They, additionally, prefer to witness the divine beauty through VIP Darshans without standing in long queues. Thus, if you plan to book a travel company for your Dham Yatra, prefer to know if they provide this service. 

Do You Know the Best Time to Visit Do/ Char Dham Yatra?

Travel enthusiasts prefer weekends and long holidays to witness the divine beauty. However, they get disappointed due to uncertain climatic changes, or the doors to the sacred shrines remain shut. 

Therefore, before planning your next Char Dham Yatra by helicopter, ensure to know the preferred timings, days, and dates for the Darshan. Here is a detailed guide to ensure you get the best experience on your next pilgrimage trip. 

A) Yamunotri

The best time to visit Yamunotri is during the summer months, mostly ranging from May to June and September to October. It provides the best experience with pleasant weather and jaw-dropping views to travelers. However, it is advisable to avoid monsoon months, July to August, and winter months, Nov. to April to plan your next trip. 

B) Gangotri

It is much similar to that of Yamunotri’s visiting months. May-June and September-October are preferable months, followed by avoiding monsoon and winter weather. However, get yourself 24*7 customer support assured from your hired travel aviation company. It helps you assist in exceptional circumstances like uncertain weather changes. 

C) Kedarnath

Travelers from across borders find it peaceful to visit Kedarnath as adventures also go hand-in-hand. Nonetheless, the preferred visiting months are April to June, and the weather temperature often ranges from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. It is recommended to ensure air ambulance-saving lives services from your travel aviation company. However, in winter and monsoon months, the temple often remains shut due to heavy rainfall and snowfall.

D) Badrinath

The four months; May, June, September, and October are the peak months to visit the holy place Badrinath. It provides immense pleasure to tourists to witness the divine beauty and explore the clear sky, sightseeing, trekking, and landscapes. Therefore, the 2 Dham Yatra package by helicopter and private jet are recommended for a comfortable and memorable spiritual trip. 

Find the best travel aviation company for a seamless experience 

Here are the major services that you must consider before hiring any travel or tourism company. 

Transparency at all levels

It is important to know the overall services that your travel partner provides. It additionally includes understanding the skills and expertise of the guide, to ensure his expertise in handling situations worst case scenarios. 

Technical & Medical Support

Companies like Megamax Aviation provide medical support throughout the journey. The climatic change and uncertain weather may cause functional problems mid-way in private jets and helicopters. Therefore, both factors, ensuring technicalities and passenger health, are important to manage.

24*7 Customer Support Assured

As mentioned above 24*7 technical support to customers and travelers throughout their journey is necessary. The travel package contains these services, however, ensure to double-check before hiring any travel partner. 

Private Jet Charters

To get the luxurious accommodations and the best experience ever on your upcoming travel trip. It is essential to know the types of charters and helicopters that the company provides. It, additionally, is the major factor that impacts the overall cost of your travel trips. Moreover, according to the no. of passengers, the type of charters are allocated.  


The blog covered complete details of the major services companies provide, the best time to plan the trip, and factors required to analyze before hiring a travel company along with 24*7 customer support assured service. Therefore, if you have queries related to Do Dham/ Char Dham Yatra, it is advisable to connect with consultants. Experts of Megamax Aviation provide complete resolution of queries and assistance for travel enthusiasts, therefore, connect with them if you have any related doubts.

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