International Travel In The Times Of Pandemic: Coronavirus Travel Restriction Details Of Different Countries

International Travel In The Times Of Pandemic: Coronavirus Travel Restriction Details Of Different Countries

So, you just cannot wait for your next international trip? Want to start booking the tickets right away? We know what is holding you back. You must be keen to know about the pandemic situation in different countries before you can freeze your travel plans.

Here is something that will bring back the smile on the face of the avid traveler. The lockdown phase is coming to an end in many countries. Keen to know which countries have opened their borders? Here is a country-wise guide from Medevac Services in India that will give you a better idea about the pandemic norms in different countries.



This country has many restrictions and is not open to tourism. The latest COVID-19 test results have to be submitted. It is also mandatory to pay a deposit on arrival in Cambodia for testing and treatment. One also needs to buy local health insurance and quarantine norms have to be followed.

Transit passengers are being allowed by Hong Kong and these passengers cannot leave the airport. Passengers from certain countries like Brazil, India, South Africa, etc. are still not being allowed.

Hong Kong:


Online submission of negative COVID-19 PCR test which is not older than 72 hours is mandatory. One may have to undergo testing again on landing in India at his own cost and the quarantine restrictions will have to be followed.


International tourists are still not allowed but there are few exceptions. But those who are visiting Indonesia will have to submit negative test reports and will have to follow the mandatory quarantine regulations.



International tourists from the USA are being allowed in Egypt. But here also submission of the COVID-19 test results which has been done 72 hours before coming to Egypt is mandatory. Also, health insurance that is valid in Egypt is mandatory. Fine is being imposed on those people who do not follow the mask restrictions.


Currently, incoming flights are not allowed in Mauritius. Once the travel restrictions are removed then vaccinated tourists can take a Private Jet to this amazing destination and enjoy a wonderful vacation. Non- vaccinated guests will have to follow the COVID-19 norms like quarantine, negative test report submission, etc.



Fully vaccinated tourists need not submit the COVID-19 negative report but the same is mandatory for visitors who are not vaccinated. If you are above 18 years then purchasing the Bahamas Health Visa is mandatory.


This country is open for international travelers but the mandatory protocols have to be followed. Travelers who are not vaccinated will have to submit the COVID-19 negative report.

Central America:


If you are making plans to travel to Panama then first you have to complete the process with regards to the online health affidavit. Submission of the COVID-19 test report is a must. There are movement restrictions in some parts of Panama depending on the rate of infection.



Since January 2021 only essential travel is being allowed in France. The travelers will have to submit proof that they are fully vaccinated. If they are not fully vaccinated then the negative COVID-19 test report will have to be submitted. Wearing medical-grade masks in public places is mandatory.


In Germany, the lockdown was extended till May 2021 and now entry is limited only for the E.U. residents.


This country has very strict testing norms where one needs to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test and one will also have to submit a negative rapid test report which is done only 24 hours before departure.

Middle East:


The travelers must download the BeAware Bahrain app and they will have to pay for the test that is done on arrival and for the test that is done on the 10th day.


You can book your private jet charter services to travel to UAE as it is open for tourists but travelers will have to download and register their details on the COVID-19 DXB app.

North America:


The USA was one country that was worst affected by the pandemic so there are bound to be travel restrictions. There is a ban on tourists who are traveling from specific countries.


The borders between Canada and the USA are closed as of now but there are hopes that the restrictions will be eased soon. Currently, there are restrictions on traveling to Canada, and submission of the negative test report is mandatory.



It is still closed for most of the foreign visitors. Only residents, citizens, and essential workers who have permission are allowed but they need to submit the COVID-19 negative test report.

New Zealand:

This country has been successful in keeping the COVID-19 cases low from the beginning. To prevent the spread of coronavirus foreign tourists are currently not allowed in New Zealand.

South America:


This is one country that was affected in a big way by Coronavirus. Currently, Brazil is allowing foreign tourists. But one will have to submit the negative COVID-19 PCR test report to travel to Brazil. Check with air ambulance services in India for complete details about traveling to Brazil.


Non-resident travelers are not allowed to enter Chile. So, if you want to visit this country in South America then you will have to wait for some time.


Slowly but steadily international tourism is gaining pace and so if you are that one travel enthusiast who just cannot wait to check the best foreign location then start making preparations now.

But before that make sure that you check the details about the COVID-19 norms and regulations of the country where you plan to travel. Make sure that you complete all the travel-related formalities to avoid any issues later. Also, if you do not want to take the risk of boarding a passenger flight then you can explore the options of renting a private aircraft or jet so that you can travel not just safely but with complete luxury.

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