Tips to plan the perfect helicopter tour in India

Tips to plan the perfect helicopter tour in India

Arranging a memorable helicopter tour in India can be an interesting experience. It will provide you with the chance to see the state’s historical landmarks, breathtaking landscapes, and cultural treasures with an exceptional attitude. This is an intensive manual with easy-to-follow instructions on a way to organize 2 Dham yatra package by helicopter:

Select Your Destination:

In India, there are lots of superb locations to look at that may be considered through helicopter. Selecting the area in your excursion is the first task you have to do. Heli-excursion destinations in India include the Himalayas, Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, Mumbai, and plenty of extras. Think approximately the form of enjoyment you want, whether or not it is a historical landscape or a stunning nature scene.

Choose a Reputable Helicopter Tour Operator:

Selecting a truthful helicopter excursion operator is critical to ensuring an amusing and safe experience. Seek out organizations that have interaction with seasoned pilots, have an achievement record, and fly nicely-kept helicopters. Verify the licenses and certificates that might be required. You can look for reliable operators through travel companies, test opinions, or ask other travelers for recommendations.

Choose the Tour Package:

There are numerous styles of the specialized 2-Dham yatra package by helicopter, each with varying fees, routes, and durations. You need to select a plan that suits each of your needs and your passions. While a few tours only contain brief joyrides, others ought to consist of an aerial excursion of unique locations or monuments. Select a package primarily based on what you like.

Choose the count of Participants:

Every helicopter has a maximum number of passengers and varies in length. Think about if you may be traveling in a bigger institution, with an associate, or on your own. Be positive that the helicopter you reserve can be beneficial for your group.

Planning Your Itinerary:

To make sure your selected package is suitable for your journey agenda, create a thorough itinerary. In your itinerary, observe the tour’s time, date, and period. It will help you in planning similar tours and accommodations inside the region of the tour.

Book Reservations in Advance:

Particularly throughout the busiest tour seasons, helicopter trips are regularly in excellent demand. It’s great to reserve your tour nicely from a helicopter charter company in India to ensure your preferred time and date. You can have fewer options and much less time to be had if you wait until the ultimate minute.

Check for adequate Permits:

Depending on where your helicopter excursion is taking place, you may require extra permissions or permits from the service provider. Your tour operator desires to be well-versed in the essential office work and ready that help you secure the applicable allowances. You shouldn’t skip it because flying in a few locations without the desired authorization can cause issues.

Dress properly:

You must get dressed on the day of your helicopter trip. When deciding on your apparel, consider the nearby climate and put on comfortable apparel. Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses if your flight is taking regions in a sunny and warm vicinity. In cooler climates, carry warm clothes. Make certain your shoes are perfect for the tour too.

Safety Precautions:

During each helicopter excursion, protection comes first.A trustworthy Helicopter charter company in India follows the tour operator’s protection instructions to the point for a smooth journey. This covers sporting seatbelts and staying inside weight limits. Safety comes first, so abide by way of all rules without discrimination.

Capture the Moment:

Remember to take a phone or digicam so you can capture the sights and unique moments from your helicopter tour. You will observe the photographic opportunities presented using the special standpoint from the skies.

Be Punctual:

Make sure you show up on time to your scheduled excursion on the helipad or departure region. Since helicopter trips typically have strict schedules. Delays may additionally cause you to reschedule at an additional fee or affect the initial schedule.

Enjoy the Experience:

When you are finally in the helicopter, breathe deeply, calm down, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Enjoy the precise experience of viewing India from above. Few people get the chance to see the diversity and beauty of the nation in the manner that your helicopter journey gives.

2 Dham yatra package by helicopter

2 Dham Yatra package via helicopter involves a visit to two holy Hindu shrines, Badrinath and Kedarnath in the Himalayas. These collections provide a quick and easy method to start this spiritual journey. Expect a quick and pleasant helicopter trip to and from the sites, eliminating the need for hiking or driving.

Services like prioritized darshan (worship) and help with religious ritual performance are frequently included in the packages. People of all ages and physical capabilities can undertake the journey with the help of the Do Dham Yatra package by helicopter. For those looking for a more convenient and comfortable spiritual experience, this is the ideal choice.

Charter helicopter travel benefits

For people with the monetary means, charter helicopter flight affords many benefits. You can attain your purpose quickly and effectively, thereby lowering the time it takes to adventure there. Because they will land everywhere, helicopters can reach personal houses or far-off areas. You get hold of individualized interest and can pick out the routes, and locations of arrival and departure.

Avoiding road congestion is among the biggest Charter helicopter travel benefits. Particularly in congested towns, helicopters may fly over visitors and urban congestion to guarantee you arrive at your destination on time. It reduces anxiety and saves critical time.

It provides company executives with an appealing and efficient manner of attending meetings and conferences. Visitors can take in breathtaking aerial views of picturesque places. However, renting a helicopter can be more costly than taking a commercial flight. It is still a desirable choice for individuals looking for a premium vacation because of its speed, ease, and flexibility.


You can effectively organize your dream helicopter journey in India by adhering to those measures. A helicopter tour will sincerely provide you with lifelong recollections. It offers you a fresh outlook on this tremendous place. So, do not wait anymore and visit the two most popular holy shrines in a comfortable and convenient way. Book Charter helicopters for the Do Dham yatra from Megamax Aviation and enjoy traveling.  

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