Can you go to Everest in a helicopter?

Can you go to Everest in a helicopter?

Undoubtedly, a helicopter can take you to Mount Everest. Although trekking is the most popular method of getting to the Everest region, choosing a helicopter tour gives a thrilling and distinctive experience. A helicopter trip to Everest Base Camp is an excellent way to experience the stunning Himalayan scenery. But for a comfortable journey, you need to contact a helicopter charter company in India that provides reliable services. 

Helicopter Trip to Everest: A Breathtaking Adventure

In recent years, the popularity of Everest helicopter trips has grown significantly. These flights provide a distinctive viewpoint on the magnificent views. In this section, we will provide a few details about helicopter tours to Mount Everest:

Exploring Kedarnath: A Sacred Journey into the Heart of the Himalayas

Kedarnath is an ideal spot for those who enjoy trekking. The Kedarnath Yatra, a 16-kilometre journey from Gauri Kund to Kedarnath, is the most well-known trek. While exploring Kedarnath, the Himalayan mountains are visible from the walkway, which is beautiful. You can also explore further hikes and treks in the surrounding region. Kedarnath faces severe weather, making the temple only open for a few months of the year. Before your journey, make sure to check for any travel cautions and restrictions. It is suggested to schedule your visit during the most suitable times of the year.

Air ambulance service

Aviation companies offer critical medical support in emergencies with air ambulance services. Persons in need of urgent care or who live in remote places will get help from it. The dedicated planes are furnished with medical equipment and personnel.

Helicopter Tours to Everest from India

The majority of helicopter trips depart from Kathmandu, which serves as the entry point to the Everest zone. Even if you cannot begin the climb of Everest from India, you can easily travel by short, direct flights. These flights will take you to Kathmandu from vast Indian cities like Kolkata and New Delhi.

Actions to be Taken to Join a Helicopter Trip to Everest from India:

Is it Worth the Cost?

A helicopter trip to Everest will surely cost more than a more conventional climb or trek. The length of the tour, the route traveled, and the services offered all affect the price. Yet, for the reasons that follow, many people believe it to be a wise expenditure:

Preparing for Your Helicopter Tour:

Everest, located in the Himalayas, is situated near the boundary between Tibet and Nepal. The difficult trekking routes and risky climbs are the most common ways to approach Everest. While other options let you see its beauty without putting in a lot of effort or training. Everest helicopter trips are a relatively recent but growingly well-liked method of reaching this iconic mountain.

Following are some vital factors to think about before booking a helicopter tour to Everest:

The final put

A helicopter trip to Everest offers an exceptional chance to take in the elegance of the Himalayas, featuring the tallest mountain in the world. For many tourists, the adventure of climbing Mount Everest in a helicopter makes it worthwhile. You can turn your goal of viewing Everest into a reality with proper planning. For exploring Kedarnath or for an Everest trip via airways, Megamax Aviation comes up with attractive packages.

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