Fascinating But Realistic Things You Didn’t Know About Airplanes

Fascinating But Realistic Things You Didn’t Know About Airplanes

Airplanes have played a significant role in converting earth into a global village. Travelling across nations has become possible due to this fascinating invention of the 20th century. There are many intriguing things about airplanes. Many of us might not be aware of these fun facts.

Amazing and Mindboggling Things about Airplanes:

Take a look at some of the interesting facts about airplanes which will leave you astonished and speechless.

Why Do Passenger Windows Have Oval Shape?

Whether it is Chartered Plane Rent or any other commercial aircraft the shape of the windows on the aircraft is oval.  Here is the reason;

Aircraft do not have square windows as the square corners of the windows can be a safety concern. When the aircraft goes higher in the air the outside air pressure decreases but the air pressure inside the cabin is adjusted to suit the comfort of passengers. The difference in air pressure inside and outside the cabin can cause stress in the fuselage which can be dangerous for square windows.

Engineers do not want to make any compromises with the safety aspect and hence designed the oval-shaped windows. In the oval-shaped windows, the distribution of the stress will take place evenly on the circumference. This makes it possible for the windows to withstand the stress.

No Point Looking For the Safest Seat on Board:

The airplane does not have any safe seats. So stop looking out for one. But there is something interesting that Time Study says. According to their report in the case of an air crash, the middle seat at the back has a low fatality rate. Here is the proof:

But it all depends on your destiny because all crashes are different. For example: during a crash, if the back portion of the aircraft hit the ground first then probably one would say that the front seat was better.

Tiny Bedrooms Where Flight Attendants Can Rest:

Aircraft like the Boeing 777 have tiny low-ceilinged bedrooms for flight attendants.

Sturdy Tires Can Resist Wear And Tear:

Whether it is an airplane that provides Air Ambulance Services or a passenger aircraft, the tires should be very sturdy. The reason is:

All about Landing of Plane and Dim Lights:

When the flight is landing at night (night times landing/ takeoff), the cabin crew dims the light for safety measures. The dim lighting of an aircraft helps the passengers in adjusting their eyes faster to the dark during an emergency evacuation. 

Ashtrays in the Bathrooms:

Smoking is banned on airplanes a long time back. Even then in the case of Chartered Plane Rent or any other commercial aircraft, there are ashtrays in the bathroom.

But remember that if you are caught smoking on the aircraft you will have to shell out a massive fine.

Airplane Windows with Tiny Holes:

You will find that airplane windows have tiny holes. Can you guess the reason behind this fact? Actually, the holes in the windows help in regulating the cabin pressure.

Airplane windows have 3 acrylic panels.

Bad Taste of Airplane Food:

The regular passenger airplanes or Chartered Plane Rent has food that does not tickle your taste buds. It’s not the fault of anyone. Just blame the low humidity and the dry recycled air inside the airplane that suppresses the taste of the food.  

Few Facts about the Oxygen Masks:

In the safety instructions, the passengers are told how to use the mask. But what you are not told is that this mask has oxygen that will last for only 15 minutes. But there is nothing to get scared of as this much oxygen is sufficient for an emergency.

The cabin pressure decreases when the plane is losing altitude. That is the time the oxygen masks will drop. During this kind of emergency condition, the pilot has to respond immediately and take the plane to a safe altitude where the passengers will be able to breathe normally. This entire process normally takes less than 15 minutes.

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