The Important Aspects of Aircraft Maintenance

The Important Aspects of Aircraft Maintenance

Aviation companies cannot underestimate the importance of aircraft maintenance. Irrespective of the size of the aircraft maintenance activities have to be carried out regularly. These activities include inspection of the aircraft, restoration activities, and repairing of the aircraft.

What Is Meant By Aircraft Maintenance?

The aircraft is affected adversely due to deterioration or due to failure of certain components like tire burst and structural overload. Aircraft maintenance is the action taken to restore and maintain the aircraft in serviceable condition. Different aspects like servicing, repairing, overhauling, modification and inspection come under this maintenance activity.

Take A Look At The Different Types Of Aviation Maintenance Checks:

Different aircraft will require maintenance checks at different intervals. Here is an overview of the aviation maintenance checks that a Private plane or any other aircraft needs regularly.

Line Maintenance Check:

This is a routine process that ensures that the aircraft is in the best condition. It can be pre-flight maintenance or post-flight maintenance or service check.

A Checks:

After line maintenance comes the next level that is A check. This is done after approximately 400 to 600 flight hours. In A check of the aircraft following things are covered:

B Checks:

After approximately 6 to 8 months the B checks are done. But these days, many activities performed in the B check have been absorbed in the A check. This helps to reduce the downtime of the aircraft.

C Checks:

This includes extensive heavy maintenance checks. Here the technician does a thorough check of most of the parts of the aircraft. C check needs approximately 6000 maintenance hours. Aspects covered in C checks are:

D Checks:

This includes a comprehensive inspection of the aircraft and it is done after approximately 6 to 10 years. Completion of D checks can take up to 4 to 6 weeks. This activity is planned by the aviation company in advance as it is an expensive inspection.

The cost of a D check is exorbitant and so after around 2 to 3 D checks the aviation company may think of scrapping the aircraft from its fleet before the arrival of the next D check.

Base Maintenance Check:

This type of maintenance involves heavier tasks like that in C and D checks. This is a time-consuming check and it can take more than 30 days to complete the task. Technicians who are proficient with all the components of the aircraft will undertake this maintenance task.

Component Maintenance Check:

In the line or base maintenance, certain parts of the aircraft are replaced. So, what happened to the parts that are removed? These components are inspected by specialists to determine the issues in the component. The technician will check if the component can be repaired.

The Frequency Of Aircraft Maintenance Checks:

The frequency of the maintenance checks will vary for different aircraft. The company that provides the maintenance services can provide customized schedules after taking into consideration aspects like type of aircraft, flight hours completed by the aircraft, age of the aircraft, etc. Here is the basic outline of the frequency of the different checks.

Aircraft Maintenance Just Cannot Be Ignored:

Every aircraft and air ambulance services must know the importance of maintaining the fleet of aircraft. Aircraft maintenance is important for the following reasons.

Megamax Aviation Makes No Compromises In The Case Of Aircraft Maintenance:

Megamax Aviation is considered the best charter aircraft, and Ambulance Helicopter Services has the best fleet of well-maintained aircraft. Proper scheduling is done to ensure that every aircraft and helicopter is inspected by the technicians regularly and the required servicing is done on time.

Megamax Aviation takes the following measures to ensure that the maintenance of the Private plane is done regularly:


Maintenance of the aircraft is a must for sustaining and restoring the performance of the aircraft. Aviation companies must carry out maintenance activity regularly for assured passenger safety, avoiding loss of travel time, and for the long life of the aircraft.

Megamax Aviation one of the most reputed companies in the aviation sector has a well-maintained fleet of aircraft. This company deploys the best aircraft maintenance experts for performing different types of maintenance checks right from line maintenance to base maintenance of the aircraft at regular intervals.

Megamax Aviation always sees to it that their esteemed clients travel in a well-maintained charter aircraft in complete comfort and luxury.

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