Why is the Digi Yatra facility gaining the attention of air travelers?

Why is the Digi Yatra facility gaining the attention of air travelers?

India’s digital transformation journey has paved the way for multiple industries. The Aviation Industry in India has leveraged the power of technological innovation with its Digi Yatra facility, making a seamless air travel experience for passengers. 

Introduced by the Digi Yatra Foundation and the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the DigiYatra app provides a cost-effective, hassle-free, paperless journey experience to air travelers in India.  

The blog covers detailed insights into why this facility has gained the attention of travel enthusiasts in India. 

What is Digi Yatra?

This initiative is introduced to ensure passengers face an experience that lets them do traditional check-ins & boarding processes with ease. In addition, this initiative leverages cutting-edge technologies, including identity management and facial recognition. 

Technological innovation allows travelers to showcase their virtual identities in no time. Additionally, the Digi Yatra facility allows passengers to no longer present their physical identities at multiple checkpoints at Indian airports, due to the interlinking of tickets with their IDs.

Benefits of Digi Yatra Initiative:

In the travel industry, multiple factors could be helpful for customers like a charter helicopter service, pilgrimage tour, etc. However, here are the significant benefits of the Digi Yatra initiative for air travelers-

Paperless travel experience

Passengers only need to download the Digi Yatra application on their device and link their flight details with identity documents. There becomes no need for passengers to carry boarding passes/ tickets in physical form. Additionally, the application stores every air travel detail digitally, including tickets and the identities of the passengers. 

Reduced waiting time

The Digi Yatra facility allows passengers to integrate their tickets & boarding passes with their virtual identities. This saves much time at the security checkpoints at airports, providing a stress-free experience to them.

Real-time updates

The application provides real-time updates on flight status, airline timings, protocols, delays, and other relevant major information. It saves travelers from confusion and misunderstanding related to their air travel. Nonetheless, travelers can also check changes or updates related to their flight schedule with the app. 

Robust data security 

Another significant benefit of this initiative is that digitalization and technology enhancement secure the travel data of passengers. Furthermore, the application is integrated with secured biometrics and other measures that safeguard travelers’ details. 

Why do air travelers prefer the Digi Yatra facility for their next trip?

The above-mentioned factors influence passengers to use the Digi Yatra app for their domestic air travel in India. However, a few more major factors enhance this influence, which are as follows:

Existing 13 airports that provide Digi Yatra support

As of 2024, 13 airports in Delhi, Bengaluru, Varanasi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Vijayawada, Pune, Mumbai, Cochin, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Guwahati respectively support Digi Yatri.

Air travelers traveling through these airport terminals get the benefits of Digi Yatra. They get to save time through a virtual identification process using facial recognition technology. 

Expansion to 14 more Indian airports 

The news that excites travel enthusiasts is that 14 more locations are soon to support the Digi Yatra facility by March 2023. It would help travelers to have a seamless experience of their air trip. 

The locations are Dabolim, Mopa, Indore, Bagdogra, Chandigarh, Ranchi, Nagpur, Patna, Raipur, Srinagar, and Vishakhapatnam. Therefore, in the long run, it is going to be much easier for all to reduce waiting time at security checklines.

Alternative options to get started 

The initiative becomes helpful and reliable not only because of secured or innovative technological measures but also due to the alternative options. The process supports the concerns of passengers who have issues with this initiative.

For instance, if any air traveler wishes not to use the Digi Yatra facility or facial biometric, then alternative measures are provided. The options include barcode scan at e-gates or manual document verification. 

Flexible operations for security 

As already mentioned above about the alternative options, there are multiple alternative options available. These options allow travelers to opt for the one that suits them the best. It additionally makes the Digi Yatra initiative flexible. 

For instance, there are facilities where a complete registration flow is provided to travelers in case the selfie biometric gets unsuccessful. 

Transparent process at all levels

Last on the list is the transparent process that authorities follow. For instance, when a person registers himself in the app to integrate all documents and ensure the easiest flight onboarding, this process is completely transparent. 

Individuals get complete details on every step at the Digi Yatra facility, including documentation, facial biometrics, a secured wallet for storing data, etc., that defines its transparent process. 

If you plan to begin any of your air travels, including pilgrimage trips or Char Dham Yatra, you can opt for airports that support Digi Yatra service. It would save much of your time. 

However, it is advisable to consult with experts in the travel industry for the Do/ Char Dham holiday packages. As it prevents travelers from paying extra amounts. 

Perfect Solutions For Your Char Dham Yatra 

In most cases, travelers are unaware of the services that travel agencies could offer in the selected travel package. Therefore, before selecting any private jet charter services provider, it is advisable to know the best services that you could get.

A wide range of private jets, skilled teams of professionals, sports competitions & tours, VIP charters, business & corporate charters, pilgrimage tours, and more. 

The above-mentioned services are a must to check and consult with consultants. As it would help you out with specific requirements like a charter helicopter for your air trip. 


The Digi Yatra service is helpful for everyone due to its significant benefits and secure technology. Nonetheless, travel enthusiasts prefer such services that save their time at security check-ins. However, if you wish to make your air trip by another means of transport, private jet charter services would be a perfect fit. Get a wide range of private jets and complete 24*7 team support with Megamax Aviation for your next trip. 

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